Specimen carp lake

Gadwall - specimen carp lake

Gadwall is our specimen carp lake and was originally stocked in 2014 with 60 fish all over 20lb. They have thrived and grown since them with multiple fish over 30lbs and the lake record being a mirror carp called Ben weighing 40lb 3oz.

  • Pegs > 19
  • Size > 3.5 acres
  • Depth > average 10-15 feet
  • Stocked > specimen Common Carp + Mirror Carp (20 to 43lb)
  • Record > 44lb (single fish)

We operate an open membership system to fish Gadwall with an annual fee of £25 per person. To become a member, call Toby on 07508 903078 between 7am & 8pm any day of the week.

Note: payment of the membership fee is required in advance of your first session booking.